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The People’s Fund

TPF (The People’s Fund) is a creative financing mechanism for SME’s from early stages of growth to maturity stage. Through an innovative solution that brings together our traditional African saving systems built into a modern framework. Since launching with Purchase Order Funding in July 2018, a total of ZAR90.6 Million (US$7 million) in Capital has been outlaid to over 450 entrepreneurs with a total of ZAR147.7 Million (US$12million) being facilitated.


Why W17?

We provide a unique and holistic option for an interesting and dynamic response to the changing nature of work.

Are you downscaling your traditional office or need a place for your team to call home? W17 has  the ultimate solution. Whether you need a place away from home, mornings only or just a few hours per week. W17 has a membership to suit your needs.

We provide a continuum of space from your home to the office. Our spaces include phone booths, meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums which allow you to work, meet and collaborate in an optimal environment.

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